Back in 2013, in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the first Wells Cafe was born. 3 years later, under the leadership and vision of 陳玺文, known to many as Happy, Wells Cafe Penang, a cafe/micro-roastery with a focus on every detail of roasting, brewing, and sustainable green beans sourcing was introduced in Penang. 

Our Roasting

We specialize in light roasting with two distinctive styles; Traditional Japanese and Modern Nordic. Traditional Japanese roasting style brings out more sweetness and body while Modern Nordic roasting style brings out more aroma and interesting flavor notes such as floral and fruity.

Our Brewing

With a focus on the theory behind each brewing equipment and its factor, we hope to bring out the true character of the coffee bean without compromising its taste.

Our Green Beans

Most of our green beans are sourced using direct trade method from countries such as Ethiopia and Guatemala. We are also constantly working closely with farmers to develop different processing methods in the effort of bringing the green beans to a whole new level of quality.

Reach Us Out

For wholesale and administration enquiries, please contact one of the staff listed below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. On thoughts of collaboration, feel free to contact us as well.


Wells Cafe Penang
(Hin Bus Depot)
125, Jalan Timah,
10050 Georgetown,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia