Christmas 2022 – Majestic Box


Choose 5 bags of coffee to gift it to your friends/ family! We will include a secret gift on behalf of you to them.

  • #1 Coffee

    #2 Coffee

    #3 Coffee

    #4 Coffee

    #5 Coffee

    Delivery Options

  • *Estimated Pick Up/ Delivery Date

    We will plan ahead and pass the coffee to the courier services so your friends and family can receive them at the date you picked.

  • Please fill in the person you wanted to gift to here so we can send to the right person.

    *Receiver Name
    *Receiver Phone Number
    *Receiver's Full Address

    We will try out best to manage the delivery to your friends/ family at the date you picked. However, the capabilities of the courier services is vary depends on their capacity. We are not able to extend any guarantee if there's any delay on the shipment. We advice you to pick an earlier date if you need to opt for a courier services delivery (outside of Penang Island).

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